Skalt D2 Kit

Werk- en reddingsmiddelen

The Skalt D2 complete kit provides a quick, easy and most of all safe escape!

The complete personal rescue set is equipped with the Skalt D2 descender. The inventive handle on the descender adds to a smooth descent from any precarious situation at height. By operating the handle, the user can choose a controlled speed during descent or lock the device for an instant stop.

The D2 kit is lightweight and compact. Fix the kit to any harness and carry it around at all times without any inconvenience during the work at height. A valuable asset when operating in situations such as in wind turbines or towers, where others have difficulty reaching you in case an emergency  and an escape or self-rescue is needed.

The complete ready to use kit consists of a sling, the Skalt D2 escape descender, two twist lock carabiners, standard 15 meters of rope (other lengths on request) and a bag to store the kit. To use the kit, appropriate professional training and skills are required.

Controlled descent speed
Panic break stops descent
Safe work load: 140 kg
Minimum Breaking Strenth (MBS): 13.5 kN
Certification: EN 12841
Rope lengths: 15, 30 metres

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  • Dit veld is verplicht
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